7 High-Return Low-Tech Activities to Build Your Business

  1. DCF 1.0Schedule one on ones. Face-to-face meetings build relationships. Get together with a colleague or business associate once a week for coffee or lunch to catch up. If you can offer assistance, personally or professionally, do so. More times than not, the favor will be returned.
  2. Smile and shake hands. New connections are vital to building a business. Meeting a new person – who could be a potential client or customer – is no time to be shy.
  3. Follow up. You would be amazed how much a hand written note can positively impact your business. At the least, a phone call or email to say “nice meeting you” will pave the way to future calls and emails receiving a warm reception.
  4. Track what you do and when you do it. If you bill by the hour, you need to be meticulous about tracking your time and exactly what you are doing. I use a combination of a time keeping app (MeTask Time Tracker), and a written log to record how long I work and what I work on every day. When I am ready to invoice, everything I need is in the log.
  5. Take breaks. Overloaded? Overwhelmed? Over – anything? Take a break. Take a walk. Five, ten minutes. Clear your head. Then get back to work. When I do, I return more efficient and effective, and I get more done.
  6. Edit everything you write. My latest blog post, 7 Essential Editing Tips for Business Writers, can give you pointers on how to communicate more clearly; and last – a personal favorite,
  7. Spend less time exercising. A lot less. Dr. Joseph Mercola, the leading natural health expert, reports that under 15 minutes of high-intensity interval type training (HIIT) a week – yes, a week – can do more for your health than spending hours at the gym. As time is at a premium these days, I am trying HIIT and will report back my results in a later post. You can read his full article here.


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