Read, Read, Read

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“The greatest gift is a passion for reading.” – Elizabeth Hardwick, American Literary Critic, Novelist, and Short Story Writer

Ever since The Magic Chalk by Norwegian author Zinken Hopp, I fell hopelessly in love with reading. I was seven. At first glance it seemed a silly book – really too young for me at the time – but the story about an enchanted chalk that brought a child’s simple sketches to life, ready to grant wishes, captured my imagination. Now I am drawn to books that often begin with the silly or ordinary, take a turn, and then evolve into a tale that transports me to a new place, to see through different eyes, to live – for a short time – a life other than my own.

Though I have enjoyed well over 500 books since The Magic Chalk, I do have one lament; once a good read is finished, I don’t always know what to read next. Until now.

Recently, I came across this little gem of a website – I am calling it “a reader’s muse.” Give it a try. Enter in the title or author of your favorite book, and “click.” What comes up is – well – simply magical.